About ITIH

We are two photographers with a common vision – to make a difference in the world. We launched Images to Inspire Hope (ITIH) in 2011 and are immensely grateful to all the generous support and well wishes we’ve received since the start. Long may our initiative continue!

Vinita Salomé

Vinita SalomeI’m an on-location natural light lifestyle portrait photographer endeavouring to capture glimpses of family lives. Regarded as a multi-lingual world citizen, I currently reside in Gouda, The Netherlands.

Having travelled extensively and lived in three countries, I have always been fascinated by people and photography. My working philosophy is based on my perceptions and feelings, which have been polished and honed through my diverse international experiences.

Through Vinita Salomé Photography, I pool my love of photography with my every day experiences as a mother, and my innate interest in people, to capture the extraordinary flashes in the ordinary moments of our everyday lives.

Natalie Carstens

Natalie CarstensHaving moved from the UK to The Netherlands to pursue a career in IT Security and Forensics, my profession took a different turn when I discovered my love of photography.

I started my photography business in 2008 and now specialise in Birth Story Photography; silently joining you during labour and birth to document unique and special moments of connection, strength and love in beautiful black-and-white storytelling photographs.

Additionally, I offer pregnancy and newborn baby photo sessions, and I’m a regional photographer for the A Body Beautiful Project (specialising in photographing pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and motherhood).

Our Story

In 2010, when the earthquake hit Haiti, we as photographers wondered how we could make a difference. Michele Anderson and Lyndsay Stradtner, encouraged us to join them with trying to raise funds for Haiti by raffling a portrait session.

The following year, after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we launched our exciting new initiative, and introduced our first project to help the survivors in Japan.

As children and family photographers, this is our way of using photography to give back. Visit our projects page to see how you can help.

Please know that without any of your support or cooperation, this initiative cannot be a success.

Feel free to blog, tweet or share the link to the ITIH website! Together we can help those in need.

Thank you SO much!!